And the longest arrow of all pierced both bodies.

Fili finally saw his brother; he was down on his knees, covered in blood and arrows, his own bow lying a few feet away from him. 

"Kili" called Fili, running towards him, but Kili did not seem to hear him. He didn’t seem to hear or see anything.

Fili fell to his knees as well and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"We have to go, Kili" he whispered, or yelled. He couldn’t tell the difference. The clashing of swords filled the air, and arrows where shot anywhere around them.

"Get up, Kili" Fili insisted, desperate. "Get up and walk, you can do it.."

Before he could say anything else, before he could even hear his brother’s reply, behind them, a Goblin grabbed Kili’s bow, and the longest arrow of all pierced both bodies.

Fili looked down, more surprised than scared, but when he heard Kili’s last moan and felt his brother’s body bend over, a sharp pain cleaved into his back and belly, as he was forced to bend over too. Terrible thoughts and the happiest memories came to his mind, he could barely breathe, his heart started racing. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped, and darkness closed in around Fili, as Fili’s arms were closed tight around Kili, ready to face together the last and greatest adventure of all.


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